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Our team of mechanical and automobile experts has decades of experience working on a wide array of automobile products. They have worked on an exhaustive list of automobile projects – whether the requirement was for individuals or multiple vehicles for ensuring seamless transportation within businesses in the corporate sector. Solving issues related to air-filter changes, gearbox repair, fuel system repair, etc. with an intention to maximize the lifespan of your vehicle is our priority.

car engine repair

We possess modern-day equipment that we use via several methodologies to solve a range of problems related to your vehicle. Are you experiencing a malfunctioning engine or brake pad? We believe in attempting to work on car engine repair rather than advising you for an engine change. Several mechanics would tell you that your brake pad has rusted due to which parts are becoming loose and gradually shedding apart, thus they advise you for a brake pad change. New Expert Excellent Auto Repair (NEEAR) team functions in an organized pipeline by first identifying the problem at hand by deep-diving into the specifics of the parts involved, after which they work on repairing your vehicle.

Whether you need a radiator repair, spark plugs change, oil filter service or require engine cooling system maintenance, our employees will always provide you a detailed report of the underlying issue and will only work towards their advised direction after taking your consent.

If you have technical and navigation difficulties with your cars in-built system you can also speak to our transmission repair and replacement team. They function in close coordination with the vehicle preventive maintenance department and are adept in matters related to digital technology.

Every few years, vehicles face some kind of damage to the CV boots that safeguard the drive axle joint. We also offer an effective rubber boots repair or change service. In fact, when you opt for Engine Cooling System and Flush Maintenance, the mechanic would diagnose this CV boots issue too and bring it to your notice.

New Expert Auto Repair intend to become a one-stop solution for all mechanical, technical and electrical issues that your vehicle can run into in all over Dubai. Our final goal is to bridge the gap that exists between automobile owners and 3rd party service centers by taking up the responsibility that the car manufacture should be handling.